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CAP has developed a software solution that enables an individual with just basic computer skills to build a website in a very short period of time. In fact, if you start right now you can have it up and running tonight. We are introducing this to the dental laboratory community to help you become more visible to everyone in dentistry. In addition, you will have full control of your site 24/7. Making edits, additions and new pages can be accomplished in just a few clicks of the mouse.



Drag & Drop Website Builder

Use our Drag & Drop tool to build and manage your site with ease.  If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can build a website.


Choose from 100 professional designs

Click on any design in our template gallery and get a completely new and unique look for your website.



Initial Site Setup

We will give you a jump start on your website with a logical website structure, general content that you can easily customize, and we’ll even get you started with some excellent photography that you can augment with your own beautiful work.

“The website tools were so easy to use I developed a website for my dental lab, ADT, using the Site in a Night application. Below, is the actual website I created for my dental lab.

I have been a lab owner for more than 30 years and had a website grow old and stale. Honestly, it had been so painful to get my website updated I didn’t bother. So, I volunteered to do the beta project to see what I could come up with using Sight in a Night Well, the results were quick and easy. I was so satisfied with it, it is now the official website for ADT. You can click on it, go directly to it to view all the information I put in. Please make yourself at home and review it at your leisure.”

Bob Cohen CDT

ADT Website Homepage

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About Us

Much of CAP staff has been inspired and intimately involved in the dental market for many decades. This has brought an awareness of clinical dentistry, dental technology and business to all of us at Site in a Night. As technology becomes more integrated in our lives and business we now understand the importance of a professional web presence for all businesses.

In conjunction with the launching of Custom Automated prosthetics (CAP) we have determined the dental lab market to be in the need of a more professional web presence. As a result, we have embraced our engineering team on the project of helping the dental labs easily create and manage very professional websites. It is our goal at both CAP and Sight in a Night to add value to all areas of digitization of dental laboratories.


For inquiries, questions about the service or pricing options please feel free to call us at 877-977-7889 or click here to send us a message.