Sight in a Night offers many user friendly features that will help you quickly customize your own unique website for your laboratory. We provide this wide choice of designs that will become the foundation or the layout for all your pages. There are no long term contracts with Sight in a Night. If for any reason you want to cancel your subscription simply call or send us an email.

Point a click editing and customization

  Site in a Night features have been developed for ease of use. If you can navigate Microsoft Word you can now manage your own Site in a Night website. There are approximately 40 easy to use click or click and drag tools that enable quick editing, adding videos, pictures, titles, columns and text to your website. Very often, an edit can take less time than making a phone call or sending an email to your website developer. And, all edit is free. You can create a blogs page and add pertinent new information about your business as often as you would like. Adding a new product or service page can be accomplished in five to fifteen minutes (depending on how much content you want to add). Site in a Night quite simply, enables easy editing and or additions of all your content by you or a staff member in a very short period of time. This very affordable simple to use service will keep your website up to date, professional while being incredibly easy to manage and maintain.

Initial Website Setup

One of the biggest challenges in creating a website is getting the structure and initial content in place. We have eliminated that challenge for you by giving you an excellent starter site that you can customize to suit your laboratory. We have included common laboratory products, descriptions, and we even give you some beautiful photographs to get your site off the ground. You can easily customize the site by adding your own pages, images, or just edit the existing content. We have made it easy to get your site complete in one night.

Over 100 Professional Designs

Click on any design in our huge template gallery and get a completely new and unique look for your website. The gallery has a wide range of styles to match your lab’s brand image. The amazing part is that you can create your entire website and then just change the design at any time while preserving all the content you have created. Your website has a whole new unique look with just one click.

Automatic Mobile Site

Your website will automatically be optimized for smaller screens when viewed on a mobile device. You don’t have to change anything to enable the growing number of mobile devices to view your website. Your customers and prospects can now explore your services on the go. Works for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

About Us

Much of CAP staff has been inspired and intimately involved in the dental market for many decades. This has brought an awareness of clinical dentistry, dental technology and business to all of us at Site in a Night. As technology becomes more integrated in our lives and business we now understand the importance of a professional web presence for all businesses.

In conjunction with the launching of Custom Automated prosthetics (CAP) we have determined the dental lab market to be in the need of a more professional web presence. As a result, we have embraced our engineering team on the project of helping the dental labs easily create and manage very professional websites. It is our goal at both CAP and Sight in a Night to add value to all areas of digitization of dental laboratories.


For inquiries, questions about the service or pricing options please feel free to call us at 877-977-7889 or click here to send us a message.